Northfield is proud to provide invaluable expertise in engineering and design for our customers. These services also include supply chain and meeting the growing production demands of our customers. Here is an example of one of those instances.

The Manufacturing Challenge

Precision MachiningThe customer had capacity constraints for their in-house machining and additional value-added services. This growing problem affected a large series of parts included in several models of their large Agricultural Tractors. A unique manufacturing approach was needed to address the problem.

Northfield’s Make Every Part Right approach was to assess our in-house capacity and provide a creative engineered solution by converting underutilized equipment for the customer’s components. If capacity or capability is not available we assess purchasing new equipment dedicated to our customer if economical.

Our Solution

Northfield Industries converted existing machining with open capacity. Fixturing the machines was expedited by NF’s ability to design and produce fixtures in-house. Additional value was provided to the customer in NF’s ability to resource the value-added process and ship a finished part to the customer.

Client Feedback

The client has repeatedly commented Northfield Industries’ ability to make parts and keep their production lines active is key to the customer meeting their production goals. They are impressed with how reactive and flexible Northfield Industries’ sales, engineering, and customer service team was to solve their problem.

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